Seeking Safety


The program provides cognitive, behavioral and interpersonal treatment strategies that prioritize safety as the first stage of the recovery process. The program treats substance abuse and trauma histories simultaneously. The goal is help people manage trauma symptoms, develop healthy coping strategies, prevent self-destructive acts, identify positive and safe people, free oneself from unhealthy relationships, and find new ways to enjoy life.

Program Target Population:

Adult offenders with history of trauma and/or addiction. Seeking Safety was designed by Lisa M. Najavits and has been successfully used for over 20 years across genders and with people struggling with various life barriers including homelessness, serious mental issues and incarceration.

Program Format:

  • Continuous Intake Programming
  • Three sessions per week in addition to individual counselling*Assessment/Intake Interview will take place at a designated time prior to group admission (preferably the week prior to admission).

Admission Criteria: Who should be referred to Seeking Safety

  • Individuals with addictive behaviour issues and/or history of trauma
  • Those with psychosocial problems related to substance abuse and/or trauma history
  • Those individuals who depends on substance use to cope with the pain associated with trauma histories
  • Those individuals whose criminality can be linked to unhealthy coping skills and/or substance dependence