Moderate Intensity Management of Offender Substance Abuse


To provide substance abuse intervention through a variety of treatment modalities that will assist offenders in making informed lifestyle changes conducive to wellness and prosocial behaviour. The Program is delivered at Her Majesty’s Penitentiary and in the community for individuals serving a period of community supervision.

Program Target Population:

Adult male offenders with an identified addictive behavior issue, targeted at those who present with a moderate to high level of alcohol and/or other drug dependence.

Program Format:

  • Continuous Intake Programming
  • Admission to group – First session of each week.
  • Three sessions per week in addition to individual counselling*Assessment/Intake Interview will take place at a designated time prior to group admission (preferably the week prior to admission).

Admission Criteria: Who should be referred to MIMOSA

  • Individuals with addictive behaviour issues
  • Moderate (or higher) level of dependence
  • Those with psychosocial problems related to drinking and/or other drug use
  • Those individuals whose criminality can be linked to drug dependence