The Youth Services Program provides supportive counselling and assistance to at-risk youth (offenders and ex-offenders), who are between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, and need assistance with their career plans including educational, training and employment opportunities.  Referral sources include the Newfoundland and Labrador Youth Center, Community Youth Corrections, Her Majesty’s Penitentiary, Correctional Services of Canada, Corrections and Community Services, Eastern Health, John Howard Society programs, various community agencies and self-referrals.

General Program Description

The main purpose of the Youth Services Program is to provide at-risk youth with supportive counselling services beginning at the pre-release stage, but focusing on comprehensive community planning once they are released from open or secure custodial facilities, or are serving a term of probation or parole.  The program identifies individual needs of offenders and provides key supports required to ensure their successful transition into the community.  Early intervention is preferred.  Young clients are given the opportunity to develop life skills, upgrade their education, obtain employment or avail of community programs which help divert them away from income support and crime and move toward becoming a more self-reliant and healthy individual.